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Mailservers migration (2/2)

13 mars 2008

For some time now we have been provisioning new email accounts to our improved email platform SmarterMail. SmarterMail is a .net based stable and fully featured email server, including a fast functional webmail client which solves many of the issues caused by our current Merak/Icewarp platform.

The new system has been tested over the last 6 months and we are now ready to start migrating accounts across from the current setup. We will migrate all email in your POP3 mailbox with the exception of the following:

  • Emails in your webmail trash folder
  • Contacts in webmail, however these can be exported and re-imported into SmarterMail manually.
  • Any other webmail data

We will be migrating domains in batches between 9pm and 1am starting on the 15/3/2008, we anticipate this will take around 3 weeks to fully complete. Your domains email data will be moved and any DNS records updated to the new server. On the existing mailserver the domain will be set to forward any email to the new server while the DNS updates to prevent any lost emails during the move.

In order to test which system a domain uses you can visit http://mail.yourdomain , if it shows a smartermail login screen your domain has already been moved, if it shows icewarp then the domain is yet to be moved.

For most domains this change will be seamless and require no changes at your end, however if a domain does not use our DNS servers please contact us to arrange moving the domain, as you will need to update the DNS records at the 3rd party provider.

If you have any further queries please contact support by emailing


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