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Mise à jour de nos serveurs SmarterMails

01 mars 2008

Suite à la mise à disposition d'une nouvelle version des serveurs Smartermails par son éditeur, nous avons mis à jour tous nos serveurs mail à jour, avec ce nouveau correctif.

Vous trouvez ci-joint le rapport des améliorations de cette nouvelle mise à jour.

Version 4.3.2981 (2008-02-29)

  • ADDED: SmarterMail will now add the Declude spam weight to the X-SmarterMail-Spam header.
  • CHANGED: The included version of SpamAssassin has been downgraded back to 3.1.7
  • CHANGED: The SMTP Blocked Senders list will now perform a direct comparison to the MAIL FROM address unless an explicit wildcard is used.
  • CHANGED: Updated version of ClamAV to 0.92-2
  • CHANGED: When downloading messages via POP Retrieval, SmarterMail will use the date that the original mail server received the message, rather than the date it was downloaded by SmarterMail.
  • FIXED: Appointment invitation replies will now show the date on which the event occurs in addition to the time.
  • FIXED: Corrected a bug that could allow HTML and Javascript to be inserted into an email subject.
  • FIXED: Corrected an issue with automatic URL linking in webmail. URLs should now be correctly linked when spanning multiple lines.
  • FIXED: Daylight Savings was not properly taken into account for future appointments in some circumstances.
  • FIXED: Deleting or moving a message downloaded from POP Retrieval will no longer cause all other messages downloaded in the same batch to be deleted as well.
  • FIXED: The popup contacts list on the compose page will no longer cause a javascript error when the To: text box already contains addresses.
  • FIXED: The Print button in the preview pane should now print correctly in Safari
  • FIXED: When a spam check is selected for incoming blocking but not filtering, it will no longer be used to calculate the filtering score.


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