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Serveurs de mails : Mise à jour

12 septembre 2008


Nous avons mis à jour ce midi tous nos serveurs e-mails suite aux correctifs sortis en début de semaine par l'éditeur du logiciel de mails.

En plus d'un grand nombre de correctifs ajoutés, cette mise à jour fait la part belle à la mobilité embarquée. En effet il est dorénavant possible de synchroniser son Blackberry, son Windows Mobile ou son iPhone, directement avec le serveur de messageries. Il est ainsi possible grâce au support du prototcole SyncML de synchroniser contacts, calendriers, tâches et notes en un clin d'œil.

Listing complet des changements ci-dessous :

  • ADDED: Added "authtype" and "activedirectorydomain" keys to Set/GetRequestedUserSettings
  • ADDED: Added new functions to svcMailListAdmin to get and set the Poster Whitelist and Blacklist.
  • ADDED: An option has been added to prevent the fallback to the primary IP address when SmarterMail fails to connect from the domain's IP address.
  • ADDED: It is now possible to set the allowed events per domain through Get/SetRequestedDomainSettings.
  • ADDED: Max bounces received per hour has been added to the Get/SetRequestedDomainSettings web service.
  • ADDED: Max POP Retrieval accounts has been added to the Get/SetRequestedDomainSettings web service.
  • ADDED: New web service has been added called AddDomainEx. This web service adds a new domain using the default domain settings of the system.
  • ADDED: Option to close original message window after replying.
  • ADDED: Port and SSL information has been added to the current connections page.
  • ADDED: Settings have been created to allow Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks to be created and edited in popup windows.
  • ADDED: SmarterMail Enterprise Edition supports the SyncML protocol allowing any SyncML client to synchronize Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes with devices such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Outlook, iPhone, and Thunderbird, etc.
  • ADDED: The icon for appointment emails will now display a calendar icon in the messages page.
  • ADDED: The messages page now displays the folder of the message when searching in multiple folders.
  • ADDED: The spool page will now show the reason why a recipient is pending in the recipients view.
  • ADDED: When deleting appointments, notifications will be sent to inform the attendees of the cancellation.
  • ADDED: A log for SyncML connections, transactions, and errors.
  • ADDED: Ability to create multi-day all-day appointments.
  • ADDED: An option to generate bounce messages for messages blocked via outgoing SMTP blocking.
  • ADDED: Report subheaders added to show date range.
  • ADDED: SyncML now supports the encryption option in Funambol clients.
  • CHANGED: Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes will now set focus to the first text box when editing.
  • CHANGED: Messages composed from the web interface will now be MIME encoded to more closely mimic messages composed in Microsoft Outlook.
  • CHANGED: Option to close message window on reply will now close the window when reply is clicked rather than when the send is performed.
  • CHANGED: SMTP transactions which issue the RSET command without successfully sending an email now apply to the email harvesting abuse detection rule.
  • CHANGED: The appointment editing page has been altered to be more consistent with contacts, tasks and notes.
  • CHANGED: The maximum value for the number of messages per page user setting has been limited to 1000.
  • CHANGED: The Outbound IP address option now uses the domain of the Authenticated user in the event that the domain specified in Mail From does not exist.
  • CHANGED: When activating a license key, SmarterMail now displays an error before requesting the email and password, if the key is for a different product.
  • CHANGED: When adding a new appointment from the daily view, the currently viewed date will now be the default starting time for the appointment.
  • CHANGED: Contacts in the Global Address List now always display the primary email address as well as a secondary email address field.
  • CHANGED: Contacts will now auto-create the Display As field from the First/Last Name, Company or Email address.
  • CHANGED: Importing contacts from a CSV file has been improved.
  • CHANGED: The contacts page will now show the Company field.
  • CHANGED: The contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks pages will show the total number of items.
  • CHANGED: The Move menu on the Messages page will now use submenu items for nested shared folders.
  • CHANGED: The Notes page will now only display the first line of each note.
  • FIXED: An exception will no longer occasionally occur when using the delete button while reading a message in a popup window.
  • FIXED: BCC'd addresses are no longer written to the email headers.
  • FIXED: Blackberry devices will now correctly show appointments received via email
  • FIXED: Calendar appointments with a multiple lines of non-ASCII text in the description will now display correctly.
  • FIXED: Contacts in the Global Address List will no longer display a categories tab.
  • FIXED: Contacts synced via SyncML will now automatically create a "display as" value if the field is blank.
  • FIXED: Default user settings propagation will now take effect immediately for users who are currently logged in.
  • FIXED: Email searches will now decode the header and a body of messages when performing a search.
  • FIXED: IMAP will no longer return an incorrect size for a message that was just received.
  • FIXED: IMAP will return the correct information when a client requests a byte range from the BODY part.
  • FIXED: Non-English attachment names now display correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • FIXED: Reading a message while in search mode will now correctly mark the message as read.
  • FIXED: Syncing a multi-day, all-day event via SyncML will now sync correctly.
  • FIXED: SyncML now properly does a full sync after the mobile client performs a hard reset.
  • FIXED: The Move menu on the Messages page will correctly sort shared folders.
  • FIXED: The Reply, Reply All, and Forward buttons in the preview pane will no longer fail to respond when clicked on the icon.
  • FIXED: The tasks and notes pages will no longer page incorrectly when searching.
  • FIXED: The weekly calendar view now properly sets the initial day of the week for non-English cultures.
  • FIXED: The weekly calendar view now properly translates days of the week.
  • FIXED: Viewing shared, read-only notes will no longer result in a javascript error.
  • FIXED: When adding a user, mistyping the passwords will no longer result in the current password field being displayed.
  • FIXED: Blacklist and Whitelist entries without a description will no longer use the description from the previous entry.
  • FIXED: Changing skins will force a page reload to properly display the new skin.
  • FIXED: Corrected a CSS display issue that caused some buttons to display incorrectly in Firefox 3.
  • FIXED: Default event restrictions now save properly in default domain settings.
  • FIXED: Deleting a user with shares now properly removes that user from the domainSharing.xml file.
  • FIXED: Deleting an email address from the Mailing List Subscribers page no longer causes an error when performed immediately after adding an address.
  • FIXED: Disabling password changes for a user will now persist properly.
  • FIXED: Domain Spam Filtering Options no longer resets to default values when the SmarterMail Service is restarted.
  • FIXED: DomainKey signing now properly signs emails containing non ASCII characters.
  • FIXED: Dragging and dropping email messages will behave as expected when the folder list has been scrolled.
  • FIXED: Editing the second action of an event no longer causes the page to display the values of the first action.
  • FIXED: Email harvesting blocks no longer prevent whitelisted IPs from connecting to SMTP.
  • FIXED: Enable Tasks now properly saves in domain settings.
  • FIXED: GetAllDomainStatistics web service will no longer return 0 for all values.
  • FIXED: Importing LDAP users will no longer fail on accounts that contain capital letters.
  • FIXED: Languages that use Right-To-Left mode now display correctly.
  • FIXED: Refreshing a page in the web application no longer causes a javascript error.
  • FIXED: Remote ClamAV servers no longer cause SmarterMail to use 100% CPU when an error occurs in the processing of a message.
  • FIXED: SmarterMail now correctly detects SMTP loops.
  • FIXED: SmarterMail Sync will now properly display public availability information.
  • FIXED: The Inactive Users page now correctly deletes users.
  • FIXED: The log viewer is no longer case sensitive.
  • FIXED: The log viewer now returns the last 1mb of text found rather than the first.
  • FIXED: The Mass Mail page now correctly shows the HTML composer.
  • FIXED: The Max Hop Count limit for SMTP now correctly disconnects sessions that exceeded the limit.
  • FIXED: The messages page will now display friendly names correctly when they contain a comma.
  • FIXED: The passwordlocked key has been fixed in the SetRequestedUserSettings web service.
  • FIXED: The send button will now correctly close the new message popup in Opera 9.5.
  • FIXED: The spelling of timeout has been fixed for SMTP session timeout error messages.
  • FIXED: The System Trend Report for Viruses now records data correctly.
  • FIXED: When adding or editing a user as a system admin, the Groups tab is no longer blank.
  • FIXED: When attempting to edit the users of a disabled domain, SmarterMail displays an error message rather than logging the system admin out.
  • FIXED: When forwarding an email with an attachment, SmarterMail now correctly displays the number of attachments in the compose page.
  • FIXED: When Importing LDAP users, the users will now be created with all default user settings.
  • FIXED: Zip files created by SmarterMail will no longer include 64 bit support, which prevented them from being read by some zip utilities.


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