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Serveurs e-mails - Mise à jour logiciel

01 avril 2008


Nous vous informons par cet e-mail que nos serveurs de mails ont été updatés durant cette nuit du 31 mars au 1er avril entre 2h00 et 3h00 (mise à jour logiciel). Vous trouvez dès maintenant une toute nouvelle interface webmail vous permettant notamment de beaucoup mieux paramétrer vos comptes e-mails et de générer des rapports journaliers d'activité, et bien plus encore. Vous trouvez ci-dessous un descriptif complet de l'ensemble des améliorations apportées par cette mise à jour (en anglais).

Bien que tout est été mis en oeuvre pour n'avoir aucune perturbation de services, et que tous les services ont été testés durant la nuit, en cas de problème notre staff technique se tient à votre disposition par e-mail à l'adresse :

Nous vous remercions de votre attention, et vous souhaitons une excellente journée.

Meilleures salutations

Artionet Web Consulting


Release note de l'éditeur :

Version 5.0.2999 (2008-03-18)

  • FIXED: A lower limit of 1 minute has been placed on the message page refresh rate to prevent constant refreshing
  • FIXED: Default User Settings Propagation will now propagate the messages page refresh rate correctly
  • FIXED: Fixed language string issues on the Default User Settings Propagation and Domain Content Filters page
  • FIXED: Messages composed in plain text should now display properly when an attachment is added
  • FIXED: Searching on the Email Users page will now work as expected
  • FIXED: The Daily calendar view will now show in 24 hour time when applicable
  • FIXED: The disk space report for users will now list their maximum allowed disk space
  • FIXED: The manage spool page will now correctly list the number of rows in the search field
  • FIXED: The online users page will no longer show failed logins as Empty@Empty email address
  • FIXED: The POP banner will now correctly use a hostname to indicate that it will accept the APOP command
  • FIXED: The spam checks grid on the Anti-Spam Administration page will no longer disappear when a setting is changed on another tab
  • FIXED: User passwords will no longer be erased by User Settings Propagation

Version 5.0.2994 (2008-03-13)

  • ADDED: A second dashboard has been added to show traffic statistics
  • ADDED: Ability to disable domain and/or user level reports
  • ADDED: Ability to send reminders or emails to some or all users of the system
  • ADDED: Actions have been added to the Event System that include notifications and command-line executions
  • ADDED: Additional management interfaces for current connections and current blocks including immediate blacklisting of connections and killing IMAP and web sessions
  • ADDED: Attachments can be uploaded in the background while composing messages
  • ADDED: Automatic cleaning of stat files for system, domains, and users
  • ADDED: Automatic notification of new SmarterMail product versions
  • ADDED: Automatic saving of draft messages while composing
  • ADDED: Better time controls and management in calendar appointments and tasks
  • ADDED: Calendar appointments and tasks can notify users via new Reminders System
  • ADDED: Calendaring views added for upcoming appointments and all appointments to easily manage large quantities of appointments at one time
  • ADDED: Catch-alls can be enabled and disabled per domain
  • ADDED: Composing and reading of email messages can be performed in a popup or inline
  • ADDED: Configurable default event for all users on the system that will notify them when they reach 75% of their allowed disk space
  • ADDED: Descriptions for all IP locations such as Blacklists, Whitelists, and SMTP Auth
  • ADDED: Domain administrator have the ability to change profiles through the GAL
  • ADDED: DomainKeys support for inbound verification and outbound signing
  • ADDED: Drafts will now save BCC address(es)
  • ADDED: Drill-down capabilities for system administrator and domain administrator summary reports
  • ADDED: Enhanced searching on email messages
  • ADDED: Enhanced the spool to allow for more efficient processing and prioritization of messages (Enterprise edition only)
  • ADDED: Event system has been added to allow system administrators, domain administrators, and users to subscribe to many different types of events
  • ADDED: Export reports to CSV and TAB formats
  • ADDED: Favorite reports to save commonly used report configurations
  • ADDED: Included within the new Reporting System are 51 system administrator, 33 domain administrator, and 18 user reports
  • ADDED: Introduced new statistical columns to grids that provide useful information
  • ADDED: Max spam check threads is now available in the web interface
  • ADDED: Message size limit for messages sent to SpamAssassin processes
  • ADDED: New password security page for users who do not meet the system requirements
  • ADDED: Notification system allows for reminders through the web interface, email, and SMS
  • ADDED: Option for preview pane to be displayed on the right or on the bottom of the screen
  • ADDED: Option to prevent auto responders from responding to spam messages
  • ADDED: Prioritization of messages by domain based on retries, mailing lists, size, auto-responders, email reports, and event emails (Enterprise edition only)
  • ADDED: Prioritization overrides by email address (Enterprise edition only)
  • ADDED: Reminders page to allow users to manage reminders from appointments, tasks, and the notification system
  • ADDED: Reporting statistics are exposed as PerfMon counters for the SmarterMail service (Enterprise edition only)
  • ADDED: Request or send delivery receipts for messages in web interface
  • ADDED: Scheduled and on demand email reports (Enterprise edition only)
  • ADDED: Set and indicate message importance within the web interface
  • ADDED: STInterfaceFramework for standardized skinning and enhanced navigation
  • ADDED: STReportingFramework integration that allows a unified reporting experience through all SmarterTools applications
  • ADDED: System administrator can enforce a password policy for new password changes only
  • ADDED: Throttling of domains, users, and mailing lists by number of messages sent or bandwidth per hour
  • ADDED: Throttling of incoming bounces per hour on a per domain basis (Enterprise edition only)
  • ADDED: User defaults at the system level
  • ADDED: User settings propagation at the system and domain administrator levels
  • ADDED: Various customization options for Today Page
  • ADDED: Various views added for collaboration, including different time frames and categories
  • ADDED: Web interface responsiveness enhanced with AJAX callbacks and in-page popups
  • ADDED: Web interface supports drag and drop, right-click menus, and keyboard shortcuts
  • ADDED: When a user uploads too large of an attachment it will now properly notify them
  • CHANGED: Active directory user importing has been altered to support LDAP strings
  • CHANGED: Built in web server configuration utility is now Windows 2008 and Vista compatible
  • CHANGED: Calendar availability information is now public by default
  • CHANGED: Custom reports are now more flexible (Enterprise edition only)
  • CHANGED: Disk space indicator now links to a disk space usage report
  • CHANGED: Enhanced system administrator and user wizards
  • CHANGED: Force option on the spool turns off throttling, resets retries, and increases priority to the highest level
  • CHANGED: If calendar or tasks are disabled for a user then those sections will not be shown in their today page
  • CHANGED: Installer is now Windows 2008 and Vista compatible
  • CHANGED: SmarterMail installer will no longer overwrite the login shortcut on upgrades
  • CHANGED: Spool page has been enhanced to allow for quick searching and sorting
  • CHANGED: Web services have been improved to support settings for the system, domains, and users
  • EFFICIENCY: Speed of sorting of email messages substantially improved
  • FIXED: Default time zone is now pulled from default domain settings and server configuration
  • FIXED: Hundreds of other minor changes, usability enhancements, and new features requested by customers
  • FIXED: Importing SmarterMail VCards into Outlook did not include birth dates


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