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18 avril 2011

Vous trouvez ci-dessous notre dernière release note correspondant à l'ensemble des améliorations, correctifs, mises à jours et nouvelles fonctionnalités du CMS IceCube2.Net disponible pour tous nos clients SaaS:
  • translation updates
  • fixed a bug when objects were not loading due to the hyperdescriptor implementation
  • added CommentCount property
  • added Pluralize rendering instruction
  • fixed a manual cropping bug when crop settings were reinitialized unless user moved the selection area
  • updated missing terms in DE and EN
  • added predefined CommentCount property and updated the corresponding AJAX actions (bugs pending)
  • inline editing: image browser preview button, sortable linked pages, ongoing object browser bugs
  • translations export
  • disabled design mode for AppHost pages
  • fixed shop PDF language selection
  • inline editing: editing mode title
  • custom views: redirect to child category if the view is empty
  • shop: free card orders could be converted to factures, discount points, refactored order placement code
  • User entity: validation workflow changes
  • new connection option - ResponseEncoding
  • BeginCategory is now supported in ObjectListWithDataSource and ObjectFormatter
  • httpcontext.current removal, replacement by httpruntime.cache
  • documents and objects - editable title (per object type)
  • fixed cache flush problem on password restoration
  • optimizations, db fetch optimizations, dead code
  • replaced reflection with hypertypedescriptor
  • added moniker cache flush
  • option to redirect to child categories when custom view is empty
  • option to specify URL pattern for content types (instead of default /scripts/index.aspx?idn={0}
  • fixed a problem when the first document image was not fetched if the image format is ThumbnailsAdmin
  • changed parent moniker search behaviour, the pattern was changed from restrictive '?idn=%' to '%idn=%'
  • fixed facebook JSON encoder
  • Shop: Discount points, Referrals, new options of rounding and tax application, reorder feature, fixed discount application
  • translations are exportable as excel using cacheutils
  • inline editing: persistent BO cookies, categorization modifications, hostable image browser, configuration web service authentication, CSS collision fixes, 404 resource fixes, fixed DeleteFile, ACL check, manual cropping, imaging refactoring, object browser implementation, versioning/validation, changes, formbuilder (new fields, etc.), MP3 upload fixes
  • WCF SSL implementation (unfinished)
  • shop/customers: JS references, mademoiselle status is now disabled by default, discount points,referrals
  • fixed newsletter aspx class reference
  • various shop implementations (discount points, referrals, javascript reference changes, my account page, cart items sort order,
  • categorization (nullable properties, editable properties, google maps property type, image property type, refactored object creation methods, categorization impl. in DocumentFormatter,
  • ASPTemplate: NL2BR, EmptyCondition now works with nullables, Scope: currentcontenttype,
  • site instance key - protected parameter (currently to authenticate backoffice users)
  • inline - document validation (rights, new ACL type, notifications, locks, SQL fetch condition), content events, persistent cookie authentication, empty templates for content types, manual crop, toolbar messages, wysiwyg unicode paragraph cleanup,
  • fixed cleanup on document deletion
  • form builder - referring object, email distribution list fixes, rendering adjustments (new blocks and slots), finished implementation of date field, added new fields (file, context)
  • finished implementation of ObjectsPart, stale entries bug is open
  • PictureGalleryPart - script reference and separator block
  • fixed a bug when it was not possible to put blocks inside body attributes
  • imaging code cleanup
  • added validation properties

Logo IceCube2.Net IceCube.Net est la société éditrice du CMS IceCube2.Net que nous utilisons depuis 6 ans et que nous conseillons à tous nos clients.


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