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Acid 3 Tackles ECMAScript

14 janvier 2008

The new news on the block is that the upcoming Acid 3 test is in the oven, starting to get baked. (If the NOT_READY_PLEASE_DO_NOT_USE.html URL is any indicator - you should only take this as an omen of "things to come.")


Traditionally, the Acid test has served as a way to get browser vendors in line by testing them on really-annoying edge cases. This can, sometimes, get people tied up in knots but it actually serves as a devious way of getting people to meet a large part of a spec.

For example, in order for a browser to have some weird padding/margin test case solved - in CSS - they must also have a working box model. So while an Acid test may not, explicitly, test for a working box model, it will be done implicitly (by testing edge cases that result from it).

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